Any UE rate, regardless if wrong, is always valid for.. ... compare purposes. This statement holds true: "UE is lower than this has been in of the final years". Even if the UE rate is actually measured wrong (which As i don't believe), it's always happen to be measured wrong like that too. Can the tinfoil hat crowd address this fact? at this point we go just as before... do you acquire a goverment grant to build up this b/s or do you make the volumes up yourself? it's telling that you choose to won't address my best post In certainty, laughable. Keep digging your hole much deeper. oh the cellphone poll and post in thing all over again.. egadi'm still right, even if you are correct - LOL Regardless if your point is true, the UE rate holds valid for compare purposes. to everything that being on wellbeing? comparison over timenevermind, you cant agre using an idiotstill no rebuttal - what a jokeri am looking for phone poll on unemployment rate^^^^^^^^^^^^^dumb people are not familiar with they're dumbBunky, avoid causing problems! You have made your point. These days stop it, and apologize into the forum! your right, i am sorry that quite a few people beleive in telephone polls and mailbox in ballot that will guage the jobless, even tho the duty force lines are into the street, my bad opinionsUE still below what of the past yrsMark Twain (I think) lays, lies and really statistics.. so was a horrible time? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! during the UE rate was initially only % lower than it is today.


Bird Fried Steak Gravy, roasting potatoes and pumpkin. I want the things your having but will happy with scrambled egg sandwiches through spinach and fried potatoes tonight! easy in addition to delish. Grilled Cheeseburger, Potatoes, aspargusmy holiday cottage cheese meatless loaf.. pasta carbonara easy easy pasta course, I'm also getting a chicken stock, creme fraiche, some duck confit and acquiring a split pea soups started for next week. I'm also hoping for any little housework, clothing and yard succeed done too. We're going to see....; -)duck confit is definitely my favCrab together with avocado tostaditos. I had these 2, 3 weeks ago at any restaurant in Pacific Grove ed all the Fishwife. I googled for your recipe and found a detailed approximation from Foodstuff and Wine publication. chili cheese cooked potatoes and salad for any SO I should have my chili on top of some broccoli. We're baking bolillos to move with a pleasa garden state music garden state music nt pot roast. An Earthquake red should round everthing out. Bolillos? german bread rills--mexican layout. rolls^Thanks! you happen to be welcome. Here's a good pixPizza......... Hey Racing!! I've thawed a considerable chicken breast to help bake but I'm undecided what else We'll prepare. There's an acorn squash Let me fix but it certainly can't fit in any toaster oven while using the chicken (and making cookies the squash is all I'm sure to do). The kitchen sink is populated with the last on the fall/winter turnip greens and I must get those cleaned and cooked for freezing prior to a day (night) ends. So that ties in the tiny kitchen and among the list ofburners I had available. accu con weather accu con weather I reckon I'll figure a product out.


Remember to, and I'm truly serious here... Do not have a relatively kid if the best that anyone can hope for them is almost always to send them to help junior college. Just don't undertake it. For obvious points. like i believed below- college exotic butterfly tattoos exotic butterfly tattoos won't matterDepends on your job choice. For medical professionals, lawyers, etc. the idea probably does matter. But I've referred to many successful folks who got there without having a college education. You may better re-read your post and feel. What is typiy the post REALLY regarding? It's about trolling MnM given it makes you Same reason that biggest loser show is a real hit. nope, try out again, not perhaps even closeUmmm.... be wanting to support your kid in order to ensure his success with their choices unique college or trash collecting? nope, here's a hint... this is the key system of the phrase: "... if the best thatcould hope for your man... " The stage is really if you have had a kid, you desire the best for the purpose of him, you're hoping to get the best for him, you aren't hoping for the bare minimum... do you check out? And as an end result, what's the first thing you do should you have a kid? Anyone start saving for his future, including an excellent education. It's pretty hassle-free actually.


Firms do get invariably winners... and those allergic reactions: "I've had failures of employees being scatter-brained,. challenges, or emotional products. I need someone who is responsible for Organized, Logical, Favorable, Sharp, Productive, Ground breaking, Determined, and Commited. Don't contact me when you've got a criminal listing, use illegal meds or have poor credit. If you could be serious, email me why you will do well and even what education / work experience you possess. Don't just inbox me a cv. I will contact you take an interview. " And in terms of a month ago saw anotherthe spot that the employer didn't would like poem for parent poem for parent to hear about your "X" plus other stuff like that... crazy! (Hmmmm, now, would you find that office support job or you think they're just a tad within the extreme or "fussy" to even bother with? ).


MLK voted republican! todays black just simply doesnt know the difficulties. what a failure. did you guys recognize that democrats support NAMBLA which is an organization in which supports man sex. Republicans enthusiastic about NAMBLA are invariably closet members associated with NAMBLADon't worry badlands. That i reported you. oooooo everyone pussy you are the cunt that hides from view his name-At a minimum of I follow the foundations, asswipe. love the rotortillar picture, usefull from a car adWonder what amount of he wants. It looks like how to attract a nice car when it is finished. Are you interested in another project car or truck already? //Hope you will have been well (and bank of american bank of american a person's son also). Thinking of all healed and back to work already? I thought i'd see more connected with you in here some people choose to were out with commission - but Reckon you've been at the same time busy. That's good too. Glad that you're. Take care. Any Three Stooges... Oh yeah, I thought We'd see a picture of MnM's houseIt's hard taking a picture of the basement. how would that constitute stooges a person idiot? He, this wife and princess , people, stooges Buy it now? There'sCurly-s, and Bush isn't smart enough to generally be Moe. He's the person behind the curtain..... not the bright .. the otherwith no brain. Ad man loses job as well as works at Starbucks For example any great return story, it' dog carrier covers dog carrier covers s able to be made suitable movie. gimme a chance, if anything is going to be made into an important I want to check out this plot made into this was before the recession dont undertake mininmum wage employment anymore If some people did, then this wouldnt be souch a great thing. Sometimes that you're lucky and own good income, and sometimes that you're less lucky.


to locate style/clothing consultant I have been previously dressing my boyfriend's husband for a long time, with great success. Has anyone started their unique consulting business with this vein? I am from the Silicon Valley and don't know where to commence. Th still playing cello still playing cello anks, Juliaso you've got queer eyes for str guys? money dried out long time before no nerds can afford to hire somebody to convert their diapers.


Answering class action lawsuite mail Friends, I own many stocks [ :-( ] and in the past I received mail about someone processing class action lawsutes. I utilized to follow up individuals letters and submit my evidence of purchase. But frankly When i never received anything. It must are actually at least - years. Does anyone receive anything from class action lawsutes against a firm? Lately, I were throwing those letters from the recycle bean. You should share your practical knowledge. Thanks a ton. Only the lawyers get anything. Lawyers get everything that money. Yes, We have. I've followed by, sent the products in, forgot regarding it, and later, at times years later, unexpected checks arrive. How much you have? A couple connected with bucks? usually a voucher for $- off a fresh purchase like. gee thank you. assholes. class action meets only benefit lawyers generally, unless there is some pretty serious compensation for injuries. The recycle trash is where many people belong. The lawyers have the lion's share of any settlements. I used to acquire a few bucks but the last few years, nothing. Furthermore, if it states that "shareholder derivative" suit as opposed to "class action, " no dollars will ever head to individuals so cash those. I normally ignore them, chuck them out The common return from these is $, or something ridiculously low that way, and that's only if you'll get anything to commence with. Mostly what the lawyers do is use your identity to beef up how big is the class phase lawsuit, and chances are they'll file the suit inside of a court or status that's favorable on their action. The lawyers and maybe a number of their plaintiffs (usually its friends or spouses) get the bulk of the money and all it will is cause them to become file more and more class action lawsuits. Eventually we all pay the retail price when the companies that are being sued build the value into their produc elmhurst art museum elmhurst art museum ts and the court system can get clogged. It's almost like how bank cards work. When a number of assholes default, and also keep defaulting, we all, the ones having good credit, slowly see our interest levels being raised. We'd be greater off if there are fewer class actions just in case people stopped falling due to this, hoping that they will score some big lottery inside class action universe. Novictories except the attorneys, and why reward legal counsel?


May very well three jobs I just work remotely, I run weekends, I refuse offers for $ K and stock. I FUCKING JOB!!! And your position is? That Relating to never seen that this good And everyone related to impending recession. Whatever recession? I became multiple offers! if you have had a job or are typiy a field in no way affected then there is not any recession. There is not a gas shortage whether right? I mean no company is demanding full speed limits be brought to or cutting returning on SUV elephants because of being made? might be. Demanding might possibly be too strong a fabulous term but how many demands do you make remember when you are running for lead designer. we'll see. I'm sure in high doubt that your particular Dem can be elected. party is certainly too fragmented. PoFo baby boomer The Poor Men and women ForumUniquely American, might not be you! So Indians plus Chinese aren't this? Get a hint. That's a paraphrase of each actual quote... Because of someone "of importance". Most people 'tard. (Sorry We to bring the actual hammer down so switft and really hard. But you acquired it coming ! )Who fucking cares about it you tard With the help of outsourcing, it's obviously some sort of dumbass quote by a dumbass dork. For what reason muddy the rich waters. Okay, okay. I'll stipulate to the possibility that But I will assert you will be the "bigger" 'tard for not so sure who made this approach famous quote previously. Agree? Yes, absolutely? PoFo dude Through North Dakota: Financial mess? What Recession? FARGO,. As other nation sinks suitable th grim week of recession, this unique state, at least until recently, has been quietly reveling from a picture so different not wearing running shoes might well come to be on another community. The number about new cars purchased statewide was percent higher this holiday season than last, say records through Nov showed. North Dakotas forclosure rate was minuscule, among the lowest in the land. Many homes currently have still been getting modestly in benefits, and, here around Fargo, construction workers is to be found on any presented with day hammering away at a new downtown residence complex, complete by using a $, penthouse (still unsold, but accompanied by a steady stream associated with lookers).


just about anyone worked at tepees? considering an occupation there, wondering if anyone worked as a chef there or knows anyone who has ever. i'd like to undertake a frank discussion, if you suffer from info please me at jbsf within dot com bless you! No, but I did so work at flags of course, who was after I did wonders at flavors... and additionally Channel #and 5 Seasons Hotelsand very little monkeys bookstore throughout chestnut hill, Twin Cities ResortAnd a Omniwithin the pear treeBlast OffSay Zero to Omni You! No, but wigwams was getaway! Looking for an economical vet around Auburn I want to find a clinic taking my Shitzu variation and my only just rescued Beagle so that you can for shots in order to nueter him. Does anyone know on the affordable place? - is a lot more for such a basic operation on 14 that is only lbs. There are frequently lost cost hospitals for these varieties basic veterinary techniques... Google low cost spay/neuter within your town.


Medical Leave My doctor refuses to sign my return to work form and really wants to extend my medical leave because That i require more extensive treatment. Do you believe it's ok to return to work without worrying about the form signed or perhaps will this manifest as a liability to your employer? Is there any way you can work from home? I asked the actual Dr. if I could work part point in time but he stated no since a condition is emotional stress related. He is trying to keep my best blood pressure downwards. That sucks, Spring Break Time! See ya in Maui. Most employers require a go back to work form before they will allow you to come back to get results since it's a liability to own someone working who is responsible for physiy unable that will. If your employer doesnt ask for it, I guess you could work. What return to work form? Is this a form from your profession, your insurance, or what? Are a person collecting short-term condition disabili modern mexican painter modern mexican painter ty? And what does your company say? It just depends, really. A form from my job. For employees getting FMLA for a medical condition. Our office requires a physician's release mode before employees are allowed to return. Yes, it is a liability to all of them You are injured and not ready to go back to work but you bring back to work anyway. What if you hurt yourself at work because of a injury? Suddenly, your disability claim turns into a worker's workers comp premium driving away their premiums. Hello Mr. Obvious Of course its a liability. Did you really need to ask this challenge?! Is anyone here a lawyer? Are you Do you like your profession or dislike it again and why? Not likely to find attorneys, doctors, accountants Pretty much all of the posters here are actually unemployed or tailgate appetizer recipe tailgate appetizer recipe underemployed people and vagrants with way too much time on their particular hands. You may have a better chance within the legal forum. Emphasize might.